FalseFlag Avoided !

Today , November 26,   2016

I already see that there are new falseflags from the shadowgovernment or deep state to be feared, because these neocons are deeply entrenched in the system and have their tentacles worldwide…. it is not unthinkable that they would cause a new “fresh” WAR.The following video is just about that ( a warning from Ron Paul ! )

Amsterdam, November 25,  2016.

To-day I kept stumbling on a rather alarming news about a nuclear attack from the cabal,

that had been avoided by the head of the NSA a general Michael Rogers, who went immediately  to Trump to warn him about the fact that he had been avoiding that the so-called Doomsday-

-aeroplane would do any mischief to New York, Boston or Chicago.

Not being very well informed about this possibilities, I am still pondering how these

suicidal people from the cabal can have such plans. For looking at this news-item, that

happened a few days ago this November I herewith present this video.

Good luck and take care !


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