UK: Baroness Cox gives a rare and rational reflection on Syria’s Aleppo crisis

De waarneming van het conflict in Syrië eordt zwaar vertroebeld door de Westerse pers, die het conflict voortdurend groter maakt. Het is een heel grote schande voor de journalistiek !

The Muslim Issue

RT spoke with Baroness Caroline Cox, a member of the UK Parliament’s House Of Lords, who has just returned from Damascus in Syria, where she met with President Assad – a move which has earned her a lot of criticism from her colleagues.

Baroness Cox is one of the rare few politicians in the UK that has a far more realistic and accurate grasp of Muslim problems, abuse, sex grooming and Islamism not only in her own country, but what exactly is going on in the Middle East as well. She is very smart woman. It’s interesting to observe that Baroness Cox has managed to gain the trust of Muslim women in the UK, and she is one of the few non-Muslim politicians who actually care and tries to implement policies to protect Muslim women from abuse, Sharia, the black rape cloak. She understands their cornered position.

Cox met with…

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